The benefits of renting a car versus using your own on a road trip depends on many factors including the duration and length of your trip, number of travellers, your destination and the current conditions of your car, among others. Renting a car for a road trip can ensure you and your family are comfortable, ease the wear and tear of your car. 

To help you decide whether you should rent a car for your next road trip, we put together some of the benefits or renting and things to keep in mind when choosing your rental.

10 Benefits of Renting a Car vs. Driving Your Own for your next Road Trip

Depending on the car you own and the type of road trip you’ll be taking, renting a car might be a better option than using your personal vehicle. Below are ten benefits you can expect from leaving your car at home during your travels. 

Reduce Wear and Tear On Your Personal Vehicle

Opting for a car rental will help avoid wear and tear on your personal car — this is especially beneficial if you’re currently leasing your car. For a lessee, going over the allotted mileage can cost around Rs.15 per km which can quickly add up by the time the car is returned.

Breakdown Hassles Eliminated

If your car is not in the best condition for a long road trip or if you won’t have time to take it in for any needed maintenance, a car rental can help avoid any damage or breakdowns on the road.

Lessen Depreciation Costs

A new car depreciates in value the moment you drive away from the dealership. In fact, a car depreciates around 15 to 20 percent each year. This percentage may increase with added miles, dings and dents and overall condition of the car. If you’re planning on selling your car in the future, limit day-to-day use and consider renting a car for longer trips to maintain its value.

Save Money

If you’re planning a budget-friendly road trip, renting a car could save you a lot of money. The cost of the rental trip can be divided amongst your group and effectively planned trip turns out to be a cheaper option.

Increase Comfort and Safety

Traveling with the whole family can be fun, but not when you’re tight on space for long periods of time. Rent a spacious SUV or crossover to ensure everyone is comfortable during your trip. Most rental companies have fleets of newer and premium rentals that feature more amenities and perks, making your time on the road more enjoyable for you and your family. These features could include anything from TV screens to heated seats, carrier for luggage.

Enjoy Nature 

Being chauffeured, you can enjoy the beautiful sights nature has to offer. 

Create Memories

When you are not driving you are not concentrating. When you are not concentrating you are giving your undivided attention to your family and creating lifelong memories. Memories are priceless. 

Drive Eco-Friendly

Renting a more eco-friendly vehicle for your travels is good for the environment and could save you money. If you’ll be heading to an off-the-grid destination where fuel stations are scarce, you can opt for a sturdy higher fuel tank capacity car which eliminates the need for fuelling. Car rental companies also offer a choice of cars for hilly terrain and snow driving conditions.

Test Drive Another Car

A long road trip is the perfect time to test drive a car you’ve been thinking about purchasing. Whether you’re considering buying an electric car or want an all-wheel drive to make your dirt road driving much more enjoyable, renting a car and taking it for a weekend-long trip will help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Season of Your Trip

December is typically peak road trip season, so you can expect prices for hotels, plane tickets to be very high. Holidays and weekends in general also tend to have higher prices. Based on your budget, consider the time frame in which you’ll be renting your car. To save money, consider renting cars for GOA or long road trips. Renting a car turns out to be way cheaper than travelling in flights in peak season.

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