10 Things to Do in Gandhidham

Gandhidham is a developed, largest and most populous city in Kutch District, Gujarat, India. It was created in the early 1950s for the resettlement of Sindhi Hindu refugees from Sindh in the aftermath of the partition of India. It was named after Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation

Places to visit in Gandhidham

Khavda Flamingo Colony near Gandhidham

If you travel towards north from Gandhidham along the main road going to Bhuj, you will find Khavda town, famous for its Flamingo colony.  Flamingos from hotter areas travel to Khavda for breeding. The sight of these Flamingos is amazing. Khavda Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful place to visit. It receives numerous varieties of birds from different corners of the world. Other species of birds include putter-fish, stork, heron, ibis, pelican and wader. Khavda is famous for its Kutchi food, a trademark of Kutch. Khavda is also famous for embroidered handmade dolls and its Kutchi fabric product.

Purneshwar Temple near Gandhidham

Another tourist attraction near Gandhidham is Purneshwar Temple, which was built between the 9th and the 10th centuries. It is famous for its images and sculptures. People visit this temple to see the architectural style of the ancient times.

Kandla Port near Gandhidham

Kandla Port is near Gandhidham and an important place to watch. Kandla port was constructed in 1957 and today it is considered as one of the biggest sea ports in India. The Port of Kandla is situated on the bay of Kutch on the northwestern coastline of India. After separation in 1947, Karachi Port was left with Pakistan. So, there was an urgent need to construct a port along the western west coast. It is the pride of Gujarat and won several laurels for its performances and supremacy.

Bhadreshwar Temple in Gandhidham

Bhadreshwar Temple is a famous Jain Pilgrimage in Gandhidham. Bhadreshwar is famous for its centuries old Jain temples which are one of the oldest Jain temples in India. The temples have been shattered many times due to natural calamities. Today it is fully renovated and restored and has a new building. Chandra Prabh Dham Teerth, situated on NH-8A is also a famous Jain pilgrimage in Gandhidham.

Rann of Kutch near Gandhidham

The Rann of Kutch, also known as the Great Rann of Kutch is an amazing place to visit near Gandhidham. It’s the world’s largest salt desert, spread over 16,000 square kilometers. What makes it even more incredible to watch is that it remains underwater during the monsoon season in India and for the remaining eight months of the year, it is a massive stretch of remarkable white salt.

Anjar & Mandvi near Gandhidham

Anjar is famous for its temples and shrines. 1200 years old Hindu Temple Bhareshwar Mahadev Temple and Swaminarayan Temple are famous in Anjar. The Shrine of Jesal and Toral is a place to visit.

Mandvi located on the banks of Rukmavati River is known as the Paris of Kutch. Vijay Vilas Palace spread in 450 acres of lush greenery is a magnificent place to visit. Two kilometers of private beach in Mandvi are unique and known as an elegance of the Royal Families of Gujarat.

Mandvi has a ship building yard which is famous among travelers. Craftsmen of Gandhidham make ships for domestic and International standards.

Modhera Temple near Gandhidham

Modhera is 273 kilometers from Gandhidham which means you can visit Modhera Sun Temple dedicated to the Hindu Sun-God, Surya and come back to your Hotel room by evening. Modhera Sun Temple was built in 1026 AD by King Bhimdev of the Solanki dynasty. This temple symbolizes the fortitude of olden times. The sculptures and design present in this temple are still splendid after all these years. Prayers are not offered in this temple now. This temple is now under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Must Try Food in Gandhidham

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  2. Kutchi Food in Gandhidham

  3. Dabeli in Gandhidham

  4. Milk Sweet in Gandhidham

  5. Gujarati Food in Gandhidham

How To Get Here

The recommended way to reach from New Delhi to Gandhidham is flight to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, then bus to Gandhidham and takes 10h 20m. Flights from Go Air, Spicejet, Vistara etc. Buses from RTT Bus Service, Chartered Bus, Chartered Express etc. Train numbers 02958, 02916 etc.