Kathgodam, also known as the ‘Gateway of Kumaon Hills’ is a city in Uttaranchal, which is situated on the riverside of the Gaula at an altitude of 554 meters from the sea level. The city is developed in the foothills of the Kumaon Hills. Since the city is a hub of commerce and trade in its district, it got the name ‘Kathgodam’ meaning ‘timber depot’. The city is famous for two major temples devoted to the Hindu Goddesses Kali Chaud and Shitala Devi. Devotees have been visiting these temples to take God’s blessing for over decades now. This city has a rich cultural and historical heritage as it was once ruled by the king of Kumaon.

Being located close to the Himalayas, Kathgodam has become an adventure activity base camp. Many treks and camping expeditions originate from this city. Adventure enthusiasts visit throughout the year to enjoy the various hiking and trekking activities.

Places to Visit

Shitla devi Temple

Shitla Mandir is another major attraction of Kathgodam. The temple is dedicated to goddess Durga and the ambiance at the place is quite superb. Travellers love to visit this place with the preparation of a picnic. Shitala (Sheetala), also called Sitala , is a Hindu goddess widely worshipped in North India, West Bengal, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan as the pox-goddess. She is the Goddess of sores, ghouls, pustules and diseases, acclaimed by Hindus. Shitala literally means one who cools in Sanskrit. Shitala is worshipped under different names all through the subcontinent. Shitala is more often called ma (‘mother’) and is worshipped by Hindus, Buddhists and tribal communities.

The goddess is mentioned in Tantric and Puranic literature and her later appearance in vernacular texts (such as the Bengali 17th century Shitala-mangal-kabyas, ‘auspicious poetry’) has contributed to strengthen her status. Shitala is primarily popular among the people of North India. In some traditions she is identified with an aspect of Parvati, the consort of Shiva. Shitala is addressed as Mother, as a seasonal goddess (Vasant, i.e. Spring) and with honorific titles such as Thakurani, Jagrani (Queen of the World), Karunamayi (She who is full of mercy), Mangala (The Auspicious One), Bhagavati (The Goddess), Dayamayi (She who is Full of Grace and Kindness).

Kalichaud Temple

Kali Chaud is located at the height of 582m from sea level and is situated in Kathgodam, Uttarakhand, India. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is the best place to enjoy peace that the temple and the surroundings provide. The beauty of this temple with the scenic surroundings attracts tourists. People visit this place for peace of mind from the hectic life. This place is a delight for nature lovers and photographers. Kali Chaud is one of the temples located in Kathgodam region. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Maa Kali. The ambiance of the temple is quite cool. The surroundings of the place are very eye catching leaves travellers spellbound. The tranquillity here is so amazing that people spend time here to enjoy the peace. The scenic beauty at the place compels tourists to visit the place again and again. 

International Stadium

The foundation stone for the international stadium was laid in Greater Kathgodam area in Gaula par region besides Gaula river by chief minister Harish Rawat on November 9, 2014. Spread over 30 hectare, the stadium will have cricket and football grounds, a track for 800 metre race, a hockey field, badminton courts, a lawn tennis court, a boxing ring and a swimming pool. A hostel for 150 sports persons will also be built inside the stadium premises. The multi-purpose sports facility is the first of its kind in the hill state. A helidrome with landing space of three helicopters will also be constructed in the international stadium. The helidrome, with the estimated cost of Rs 2.68 crore, will be built by the Uttar Pradesh Development Corporation. The state government is also planning an inter-state bus terminal in the Gaula par area.

Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Trek is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature buffs, it is nothing short of fascinating and thrilling. It is a complete package for winter trekking that offers never ending ridge lines, sprawling Bugyal, High altitude lakes, majestic peak views and fresh snow on the trail are compelling propositions. Brahma Tal is a hidden and secluded lake amidst the ridge, where Lord Brahma meditated according to the mythology. The peak view from the route is captivating, from east to west you can see the High Himalayan ranges. On the right eastward direction, we can see Mrigthuni, Trishul, and straight north the Bethartoli Himal and Nandaghunti. On the left westward side we can see the massive Chowkhamba, Nilkanth, Kamet, Hathi and Ghoda peaks. This is just the opposite ridge of the famous Roopkund trek and offers a Birds-eye view of the route including Ali Bugiyal, Bedni Bugiyal, Roopkund and Junargali including far poised the famous Ronty saddle. 

Kathgodam Railway Station

Kathgodam railway station is a railway station located in Kathgodam town near Haldwani in Nainital district of Uttarakhand State of India.The station code is KGM and is 99 km from the headquarters of the Izzatnagar railway division of North Eastern Railway Zone of Indian Railways. There are three platforms. A single broad gauge railway line serves diesel trains.The railway station is located in Kathgodam city at the foot of shivalik hills at a distance of 35 km from Nainital.It is located at 520 m above Mean Sea Level. The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport at the distance of 28 km.Kathgodam Railway Station is linked by roads to the inner Himalayan region of Kumaon. It is connected to Nainital via Jeolikote, which is connected to Almora, Ranikhet, Baijnath, Gwaldam, Bageshwar and further eastwards to Pithoragarh.

Gaula Barrage

Planning a picnic in the lush green environs of Uttarakhand? Head to Gaula Barrage in Haldwani! Initially it was built for the purpose of agricultural and irrigation purposes but now the place is a hot favourite among the locals and tourists alike.The 500 km long Gaula river snakes through Kathgodam enhancing the beauty of this small village even more. A barrage built on this river called the Gaula Dam / Gaula Barrage is quite a popular picnic site for locals as well as visitors. Here is a small snippet about the dam: ” Gaula Barrage is an ideal spot for camping, sightseeing and picnicking. This attractive tourist spot with scenic views is located on the Gaula River. 

This barrage was made for the purpose of irrigation and now this place is a tourist spot where families visit the whole of Kumaon.” The Gaula Barrage is a popular spot among people for picnics and enjoying the scenery. You’ll find a lot of families enjoying day trips together here. The barrage was originally built to aid with irrigation, but slowly gained popularity among tourists and locals as a picnic spot.

Sanjay Van

An appealing forest range 23 KMs from Haldwani and 30 KMs from Kathgodam, Sanjay Van is a place where you can come to hear the birds, smell the grass, listen to the wind rustle among the trees. It is also a popular spot for picnicking, and is often full of other day trippers. Sanjay van is part of Tanda Range Forest of Pantnagar.Sanjay Van Park is a beautiful place for picnic or tour. It is 10 Kms from Rudrapur and 20 Kms from Kathgodam on Delhi-Nainital Road. Very nice & peaceful atmosphere here. The Yoga training is also provided by yoga trainer.Sanjay Van is a lush green area located near Pantnagar and Kathgodam. This place is one of the famous picnic spots in the city and Ideal for Sanjay Van. Sanjay Van Park cum mediation centre is a beautiful place for visiting and picnic. It is 10 Kms from Rudrapur and 20 Kms from Kathgodam on Delhi-Nainital Road.

Aryabhatta Research Institute

Situated adjacent to the picturesque hill town of Nainital, ARIES ( an acronym of Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciencES ) is one of the leading research Institutes which specializes in observational Astronomy & Astrophysics and Atmospheric Sciences. The main research interests of Astronomy & Astrophysics division are in solar, planetary, stellar, galactic and extragalactic astronomy including stellar variabilities, X-ray binaries, star clusters, nearby galaxies, quasars, and inherently transient events like supernovae and highly energetic gamma ray bursts.Research focus in Atmospheric Sciences division is mainly in the lower part of the atmosphere and covers the studies on aerosols and trace gases.Moreover, to strengthen the scientific contribution.

The Institute hosts two telescopes of apertures 56-cm and 104-cm. There are two 15-cm telescopes dedicated for solar observations. The 104-cm optical telescope has been used as a main observing facility by the ARIES scientists since 1972. It is equipped with 2k x 2k, and 1k x 1k liquid N cooled CCD cameras, fast photometer, spectrophotometer, and standard astronomical 2 filters. The telescope uses a SBIG ST-4 camera for auto-guiding through an auxiliary 20-cm telescope.

Cave Garden

The Eco Cave Garden is fast becoming a popular destination. Located in Sukhatal or Mallital as it is commonly known, on the Kaladungi road, it is a natural park maintained by the local administration. A network of interconnected rocky caves and hanging gardens, it leads the visitor into a mysterious and ancient dream – world and gives the tourist an encapsulated glimpse of what the wilderness of the hill-region can offer-right in the easily approachable middle of civilization. Drive straight up to the entrance, climb up a short flight of steps cut into the hill-side, and enter the cave – world of our prehistoric ancestors.Eco Cave Garden is a cluster of interconnected caves and hanging gardens, which are one of the popular tourist attractions of the hill station.

There are six underground caves in this garden, connected through tunnels. Named after various wild animals that they resemble, some of these caves are so narrow that people have to crawl through them, which in turn adds to the fun and adventure.After exploring the dark caves, visitors are greeted by the musical fountain show, which is conducted in the evening. It is organised during the peak tourist season and is the first show in Uttarakhand that is inspired by Disneyland. Here, visitors can sit and relax while beholding the stunning panorama of the hill station.

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal is one of the largest lakes around Bhimtal named after Bhima of Mahabharata. It has an island in the center approached only by a boat and at present it has an Aquarium there. A gaggle of ducks has made the lake their home and given company to the lake visitor. Bhimtal is much less crowded than Bhimtal and the lake. About 22 kms from Kathgodam, nestled in a beautiful pristine valley, this jem of a lake is the largest around Bhimtal. The beauty is enhanced by a small Island surrounded by crystal blue water. 

Must Try Food in Kathgodam

1. Udupiwala

2. Hot Choice Chinese Restaurant

3. Kinit Bhawani Restaurant

4. Pizza Point

5. Khatta Meetha

6. The Black Pearl Cafe

7. Kumar Sweet House

8. Saffron Grill

9. Tanmay Confectionary

10. Maa Bhagwati Restaurant

How To Get Here

By Air

The nearest airport to Kathgodam is the Pantnagar Airport located at a distance of 32km from Kathgodam. Regular flights operate from Delhi airport to Kathgodam.

By Road

Being the gateway to the Kumaon hills, Kathgodam has an excellent road network connecting with other states. Buses to Kathgodam are easily available from ISBT, Anand Vihar, Delhi.

By Train

Kathgodam has its own railway station which is just about a kilometer away from the city. Trains from other parts of the country are frequent as it is the gateway to the Kumaon region. Taxis to various Uttarakhand destinations are available from the station.

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