Contact Us

The best way to get a deal is to give us a call our write to us with your exact requirement on our email.

When can I start renting?

We can provide you long rental services starting from as soon as tomorrow. But for specific vehicles, we may take longer to satisfy your requirements.

Do you have offers available?

Yes, we always have great kickbacks and promotions when someone rents for a long period. We also take part in government projects for rental uses.

What happens if my driver leaves?

We have a driver replacement policy and can help in providing you a new driver within one day. We hope you never have to use this service, but we still have it as a just in case.

Can I drive a rental car without the driver?

Unfortunately, the simple answer is that you cannot. Our drivers are insured and have the duty to safely use the car. In case of an emergency, we do provide a driver replacement and cannot allow for the client to drive the vehicle instead.