Sehore is 39 Km away from state capital Bhopal towards south and on Bhopal-Indore highway. Its height from the sea level is 1500 ft. to 2000 ft. District area is 6578 Km. Sehore is surrounded by Seven districts i.e. Bhopal, Raisen, Hoshangabad, Dewas, Shajapur, Rajgarh, and Harda. The lacquer bangles of the district are a coveted adornment of the Gond , Biala and Korku tribes of the region. Bhavai, the traditional dance of these tribes is an excellent example of their artistic proclivities.In the tribal area of Sehore the Bagoria dance, with its vigorous drum beating , is still performed around the Holi festival. This dance is an occasion for tribal girls & boys to have a run away marriage.

Places to Visit


“Delawadi is home to Delawadi Jungle Camp located inside the Ratapani wildlife sanctuary where guests arrive for trekking, camping and bird watching. Delawadi is located at 70 km from Bhopal on Rehti road approachable through NH-12. Delawadi area is thickly forested and excellent for bird watching.MPTDC Delawadi Jungle Camp is located inside the jungle and trekking, camping and wildlife sighting are activity options here. Madhya Pradesh Eco Tourism Development Board has developed Delawadi Forest Camp as a peerless eco-tourism destination. Surrounded by beautiful dense forest, The tourism department offers camping, trekking and bird watching facilities in the forest.

Delawadi is also base point to visit Kairi Mahadeo, Bhadbhada Falls, Sunset point, Bhimbetka Rock Shelter, Ginnorgarh Fort (3 km from Delawadi), Kolar Dam, Salkanpur Temple, Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, Delawadi City Center are the nearby attractions.

Saru Maru Caves

Saru Maru is the archaeological site of an ancient monastic complex and Buddhist caves. The site is located near the village of Pangoraria, Budhani Tehsil, Sehore District. The site is about 120 km south of Sanchi.

The site contains a number of stupas as well as natural caves for monks. In the caves many Buddhist graffiti have been found (swastika, triratna, kalasa …). In the main cave were found two inscriptions of Ashoka: a version of the Minor Rock Edict n°1, one of the Edicts of Ashoka, and another inscription mentioning the visit of Maharaja Kumara.

According to the inscription, it would seem that Ashoka visited this Buddhist monastic complex, and viceroy of the region of Madhya Pradesh, while his residence was to be at Vidisha.

Vindhyavasini Mata Temple Salkanpur

This sacred sidhpeeth of Vindhyavasini Bijasan devi (one of the incarnations of the “Hindu”goddess “Durga” is on an 800 foot high hillrock, in the village Salkanpur near Rehti village,70 km from Bhopal. The deity, Ma Durga Beejasan is held in high esteem by her followers & locals. Thousands of people visit this place everyday climbing more than 1000 steps. Every year a grand fair is held in salkanpur during Navratri. The deity, Ma Durga Beejasan is held in high esteem by her followers.

All Saints Church Sehore 1838

The All Saints’ Church which was built by a British political agent who belonged to Scotland in 1838. The building is an Exact replica of a church in Scotland and even the surrounding greenery, comprising mainly tall Bamboo trees, was designed to match the original.To traverse the Sehore soil is to tread upon centuries of colorful history.The best time of the year to visit Sehore and its sprawling teak forests is November with its autumn ripeness and March with its spring finery. Climatically, these two may be said to be the opportune time to visit Sehore. 

Cenotaphs of Kunwar Chain Singh

Cenotaphs of Kunwar Chain Singh : Cenotaphs, samadhis and tombs of Kunwar Chainsingh are 2 km away in Dussehra wala Maidan on the bank of river Lotia on Sehore – Indore Road. These cenotaphs remind the historic fight between patriot Chainsingh of Narsingh Garh estate and political agent Mr.Medhank.

Ganesh Mandir

Sidhha Ganesha Mandir is established in the village Gopalpur in the N-west direction,Ganesh Mandir is 3km from the District Headquarters. As per legend, it dates back to Vikramaditya of Ujjain and renovated by BajiRao the Maratha Peshwa. Each wednesday, a large number of devotees throng here. Ganesha Chaturthi festival is also popular here.

Must Try Food in Sehore

1. Sai Jai Ram Food Zone

2. Eaters Hunt Restaurant

3. Devkripa Tea Point

4. The Lallantop Pakodawala

5. Delight Fastfood & Restaurant

6. Party Fowl Cafe & Restaurant

7. Mahakal Sehore

8. Hashtag Cafe & Restaurant

9. AR Sweets & Restaurant

10. Pubgians Cafe & Restaurant

How To Get Here

By Air

Regular flight services ply to and fro from Bhopal which is 70 Kms from Sehore

By Road

Regular bus services ply to and fro Sehore on Bhopal Hoshangabad Road.

By Train

It is also connected to Western Railway from Bhopal to Ratlam. 20 Kms from Budni Railway station and 70 Kms from Bhopal Railway station

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