A chauffeur driven car can often provide an ideal solution for creating a favourable impression with your guests or clients. The experience makes them feel like you have gone the extra mile for them, demonstrating care and attention to their comfort and well-being. We take a look at 10 ideal ways to use professional ground transportation for your clients. 

Transportation to and from the airport

When arriving in a new town or city, often after several hours of travel, your client will appreciate being greeted by the polite and friendly face of a chauffeur.  This facilitates a seamless experience from the airport to your client’s destination – whether it is to the hotel accommodation or to a business meeting.

Not only does this create a good impression, it also sets the tone for your interaction.  As a passenger in a luxuriously appointed vehicle, your client gets to enjoy a stress-free ride, assisted by a competent and friendly driver.

Board Meeting

Organising board members arriving from different destinations becomes an efficient, effortless experience when it is managed by professional ground transportation service.  Part of the service includes looking after your guests so that they are assisted from the moment they arrive at the airport to the board meeting.

In this way, they are given special treatment so that they arrive at the meeting in good humour, ready and energised to make it a success.

Professional Transportation to Meetings

As human beings, we are creatures of habit, being comfortable in our familiar environment.  So, when it comes to a new or unfamiliar place we tend to be slightly uncomfortable and hesitant.

However, using a professional ground transportation service means that you can relax, letting the chauffeur take you to your appointments so that you arrive on time, without stress, ready to make the most of your experience.

Conference, Delegations & Events

A destination dealer conference is a perfect way to garner sales and ensure positivity flows through all sales channels.Whether you are the owner of an event facility or an organizer of a convention a professional ground transportation company can assist you with efficient, cost effective solutions. We provide reliable customized ground transportation services for all sizes of corporate meetings, Conferences & Delegations across India.Our planning, communication and tracking support, make us accessible to you whenever and wherever you require. Our proprietary planning methodology and our custom-designed and engineered fleet management system gives us a competitive edge in the industry.

Treating clients to a night out

Part of engaging in business includes entertaining your client.  This can often include a night out, showing your client the local sites and sounds of your city.

Instead of having to negotiate the driving, taking a chauffeur driven car enables you to enjoy the evening.  All you need do is to sit back and relax while giving your client 100% of your attention

Team building

Team members are a vital part of any company.  For this reason, team building plays a significant role in building a company, creating a solid foundation which fosters company loyalty.

Hiring a chauffeured car means you get to choose which vehicle would best accommodate your team.  From a luxury car, to a van or even a bus, the hired transportation can assist in creating a memorable event for you and your team.

Social Responsibilities

Need to take your mother in law to a doctor ! Parking is definitely going to be one major challenge. Leave your worries to us. We have small packages for half day rental to specially meet up with such social requirements.

Employee Transportation

The biggest asset of any organisation are its employees and what better way to ensure they are reaching the work place and back home in an absolutely spic and span and clean environment. Increase their work productivity and quality of life by signing up for our employee transportation package.

Expat Rentals

Moving to India for work ? We can arrange for your car before or after you move to India. With our program there are no restrictions on when to start the process. We can arrange a chauffeur driven car, insurance, registration and road tax within 48 hours – and in most cases, 24 hours!

Cruise Rentals

Sailing on a cruise enroute India? Leave your excursion worries to us at one third the cost of what a cruise would offer. Dock in Cochin, Mangalore, Mumbai or Goa and we will pick you from the cruise terminal for your day excursion. It’s a promise – No one will show you the city the way we do !

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