Situated on the Surma (Barak) River, and known for its scenic beauty and natural splendour, Silchar is surrounded by Manipur on the east, Bangladesh on the west, Mizoram on the south and the Barail hills on the north. Located south of Guwahati at a distance of 313 Kms, this town is considered as the most important centre and gateway to Barak Valley in Assam.

Silchar is the 2nd largest town in Assam and is one of the most stable areas in the North-East and hence locally referred to as the Island of Peace. It is also one of the most developed areas with its own airport and institutes of higher education. Due to its picturesque location, Silchar is also used as the gateway to the neighbouring areas of Manipur and Mizoram. Approximately 90% residents of Silchar are Bengalis who speak the Sylheti dialect, the rest being Bishnupriya Manipuri, Dimasa Kachari (Barman), Manipuri (Meitei), Marwaris, Assamese and some tribal groups like Nagas.

Places to Visit


It is located 20 km from Silchar. Here you can find the ruins of a great Dimasa kingdom.The main attractions are the Lion Gate, the Sun Gate and aged old kings temple.

The original palace is in a state of non-existence, but its subsidiaries, the main entrance gate, the `Suryadwar`, `Debalaya` are still there intact. The entrances are of elephant-patterns.

Dolu Lake

One of the most beautiful lake in Silchar and a photographer’s delight, this lake is a peaceful spot to spend some quality time alone or with your loved ones.

Maniharan Tunnel

Maniharan tunnel is only a few kilometers from Silchar and is a wonderful place for tourists. According to Hindus, the tunnel was constructed during the days of Lord Krishna and was once used by him.

There are many small temples that are devoted to Garuha, Lakshmana, Lord Rama and Hanuman.

Badarpur Fort

The Badarpur fort situated on the bank of Barak River is an important historic place of Barak valley. The Fort is about 16 km away from Railway station.

Shopping In Silchar

Silchar is known for its tea farming and agricultural products.


It is one of the most celebrated temple of Lord Shiva in the entire South Assam. The Bhubaneswar temple is situated at a distance of about 50 km from Silchar and is located on the top of the Bhuvan hill.

This is a place of pilgrimage and during the festival of Shivaratri, thousands of Shivayats march towards the hill top to worship Lord Shiva. This temple by its geographical location attracts a lot of hikers as there are no motor roads to reach the hilltop, one has to hike at least 17 k.m. from the plains to the temple.


About 22 km away from Silchar on the way to Kumbhirgram airport a Vishnu temple at Salganga is another tourist attraction.

Gandhibag Park

It is located on the banks of a lake on the Park Road in the heart of the town. Named after Mahatma Gandhi, this park includes the Shahid Minar, the memorial for 11 martyrs who died on 19th May, 1962 while fighting for the protection of their Bengali language against the Government of Assam.

Janiganj Bazar

The Janiganj Bazar in Silchar is a busy shopping district where one can shop for everything ranging from durables to artefacts, handlooms to food items.

Kancha Kanti Kali Mandir

One of the most revered temples in South Assam, Kachakanti Kali Temple dates back to the 19th century. It was built in 1806 AD by then Kachari King and was later renovated in 1978.

Situated at about 11 km from Silchar stands, this temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess ‘Kachakanti’, who is said to be amalgamation of 2 powerful Hindu deity, i.e. Durga and Kali. It is also said that till 1818 AD, even human sacrifices were offered to the Goddess here.

Must Try Food in Silchar

1. Marwari Tandoori Dhaba

2. CafeHub

3. The Chocolate Room

4. Tribal Kitchen

5. Take A Break

6. Shakahaar Restaurant

7. UFB Restaurant

8. Ranna Ghar

9. The Spot Cafe & Restaurant

10. BBC Cafe

How To Get Here

Silchar is well-connected to the major cities like Guwahati and Kolkata through roadways, railways and airways. Many flights leave for Silchar Airport from Guwahati and Kolkata. Guwahati Railway Station is directly connected to Silchar railway station. A good system of roadways connects Silchar to various cities of Assam. A national highway links Silchar with Guwahati directly.

By Air

Flights from Guwahati to Silchar are available on a regular basis. Air India also provides the direct service from Kolkata to Silchar. Silchar Airport is around 26 km away from the city centre, and affordable taxi service is available for around INR 200 to pick you from the airport. 

Nearest Airport: Imphal Airport (IMF) – 111 kms from Silchar 

By Road

Silchar is connected to different parts of Assam through roadways. It is very easy to reach Silchar through taxi or by driving on your own. A national highway stretches from Guwahati to Silchar. It is 340 km long. You can also reach Silchar via bus, as all the buses go to Silchar’s ISBT.

By Train

Silchar has its own railway station located in the Tarapur area, but it has only metre gauge currently. It is connected with most of the important places of North-East including Guwahati, Lunding, Agartala, etc. However, if you have to come via train from other parts of the country like Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata, you have to take a train first to Guwahati or till Dibrugarh and then take a train to Silchar. Among the important trains in the north-east are the Cachar express and Barak Valley Express. The other nearest Railway Station is Badarpur Railway Station, located at a distance of 32 km from Silchar. It is very well connected to many major cities like Dimapur and Guwahati. The railway link from Silchar to Lumding is one of the most picturesque railway routes in India.

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