10 Things to Do in Jamshedpur

The largest city in Jharkhand, Jamshedpur is an aesthetically planned township with an appealing infrastructure and landscape. Juxtaposed against the beautiful Dalma Hills, Jamshedpur is the world’s eighth-largest steel manufacturing company, along with being India’s first planned city.

The town of Jamshedpur was named after Jamshetiji Tata in 1919, the founder of the Tata industries that maintain public services and infrastructure of most parts of the city. Known as the ‘Steel City’, Jamshedpur is the quintessential example of the boon of industrialisation in a developing nation. Being the largest city in Jharkhand, the main attractions in Jamshedpur are the vast, tree-lined Jubilee Park (housing Tata Zoological Park with species like tigers and leopards), the hill-top Bhuvaneshwari Temple, and the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary (home to resident elephants).

With its industrial growth, Jamshedpur has made its place in the map of world business along with playing a very important role in industrialising India. The founders day of Jamshedpur is celebrated on October 3 every year at Jubilee Park, which is decked up with lights and colours for the occasion.

Places to Visit

Dimna Lake

Dimna Lake in Jamshedpur is an ideal place to spend your day if you feel like getting away from the city and spending a quiet day with your loved ones or friends. Situated at a mere distance of 13 km away from the Jamshedpur city area, it is close to the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. An artificial lake in the Steel City of Jamshedpur, it is located at the foothills of the Dalma mountain range and is famous for its serenity and pleasant greenery. The lake is pretty well-known as a picnic spot with its clear water and scenic surroundings, creating scope for mini treks into the hills, and water activities such as boating, rowing, and jet skiing among many others.

In stark contrast with its industrial surroundings, the serene lake is one of the most crucial structures in the area, since it is used as a reservoir to store and provide water for the steel plant, along with being the primary source of water for the city. Over the years, the need for a dam was felt to hold the water in the reservoir, so that it could be used as and when required optimally. The Dimna Dam was conceived to overcome a water deprivation situation in Tatanagar (as Jamshedpur is also known) and surrounding areas. Constructed under Tata Steel, the dam is built on River Kharkai under the administration of the Mirzadih Panchayat of Jamshedpur.

A gorgeous view of the sunrise coming up from behind the hills, with splendid greenery and melodious chirping of birds is what sets this artificial lake apart. It is a popular weekend getaway for the locals or as a recreational outing for tourists on an extended tour. Even the road to Dimna Lake with its undulations and greenery presents a spectacular drive.

Jubilee Park

The Jubilee Park is located in the steel city, Jamshedpur. It is a popular destination for all those who wish to have an outdoor picnic, enjoy some outdoor activities and games or even just to have a relaxing day out with friends and family. Popular amongst joggers and cyclists, it is a gigantic park, spanning about 225 acres of land in the center of the city. Within, it has a lake, amusement park, recreation center, fountains and a zoo, amongst other attractions, making it a great place for some fun for people of all ages.

This local attraction is a must visit on all tourists’ lists. It was opened to the public in 1958, on the occasion of the city’s golden jubilee, the 50th anniversary of establishment. This park was originally a gift, to the town of Tatanagar from the TATA Steel Company. 

While being built under the visionary Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata, the Vrindavan gardens in Mysore were used as an inspiration. This park also shows off a statue of Mr. Tata and is also known as the “Mughal Gardens of Jamshedpur”. The presence of the zoological park, Foliage Par, and Rose Garden is part of the reason why this park is such a famous one.

Tata Steel Zoological Park

Located inside the Jubilee Park, the Tata Steel Zoological Park is an unkempt zoo which houses wildlife in its natural habitat. The park gives a respite to people with long and tiring jobs in the city and makes them see and experience nature and wildlife in their most pristine form.

There is a safari park in the zoo, in which the tourists can take a ride through the zoo and witness the wild animals in their natural habitat. The Jayanti Sarovar is located nearby, which provides various boating and water-sports activities to the tourists. Carry a hat and dribble some sunscreen on. Avoid messing with the members of the cat family

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its forest tourism, but to the residents, it is more familiar because of its wild resident elephants. ‘Dalma Haathi’ or the ‘Elephants of Dalma’ is a known and quite fearful term in the Jamshedpur-Puruliya region. Established in 1975 and inaugurated by Sanjay Gandhi, the Dalma forest is home to a horde of animals, birds and tree species as well. Overlooking the shimmering Subarnarekha River, the Dalma hills nestle the dense green forests like an offspring. This ambience of the forest and the odd chance of having a glimpse at the wild animals is what makes Dalma so special among those who love to travel around jungles.

Once an untamed natural beauty for acres after acres, parts of this wild forest got shunted when the steel plant was established by JN Tata near the Kharkai-Subarnarekha confluence. However, whatever remains is still large enough to be a paradise for all the native Indian flora and fauna you can think of. Many elephants migrate to this forest every year adding to the crowd, and sometimes they come out into the local villages and suburbs.

Travellers wishing to explore a slice of one of India’s most authentic forests can take a drive through or even better – spend a night at the rest houses and bamboo huts offered by the forest department. There is nothing better for a nature lover than to spend a night listening to the crickets, the distant, solitary howl of a wild creature and the otherwise overwhelming silence. Among the few true-blue forests of India, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary offers excellent bird watching experience, exciting in-jungle lodging and spectacular view from atop the Dalma peak which also has a couple of temples you can visit. 

Hudco Lake

Hudco Lake was constructed artificially in the beautiful surroundings of the TELCO Colony. It is situated near a park which also houses an artificial waterfall that uses the water of the lake.

The lake and park complex are located on a beautiful hillock and it provides a panoramic view of the entire city. This is an ideal spot for picnics and evening amusements.

Russi Modi Centre for Excellence

Located just outside of the Jubilee Park, the Russi Modi Centre for Excellence houses various professional organizations in Jamshedpur. The building was designed by Hafeez Contractor and is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Jamshedpur.

The building was formerly designed as the Jubilee Park. It houses archives of Tata Steel, a brilliant representation of its journey to being one of the biggest and most successful industries in the world.

Bhatia Park

Situated on the banks of Subarnekha River, Bhatia Park is a beautiful park with extremely wide space and lush greenery. It is highly maintained with well-laid out grass and flower beds and is the perfect place for weekend getaways and evening rejuvenation.

Situated nearby is a Chandi Baba Mandir which can be visited during evenings.

Rivers Meet

The confluence of the rivers Subarnekha and Domohani serves as a perfect picnic spot in the city of Jamshedpur. The place is surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees and verdant greenery which gives it an imposing serenity and calmness.

Sunsets at this place create an extremely relaxing ambience and hence should not be missed.

Tribal Culture Centre

Tribal Culture Centre is a popular tourist attraction in Jamshedpur which preserves the rich culture of the Santhal, Ho, Oraon, Munda and other tribes. The centre has huge sculptures of leaders of the freedom movement like Baba Tilka Majhi, Birsa Munda and Sidho-Kanhu. The gallery is lined with paintings and the inner repository has a variety of antiques and relics on display.

Ambadubi Rural Tourism Centre

Amadubi Rural Tourism Centre is a rural village and a tourist site in Jamshedpur. The tourists are taken around in decked bullock carts for sightseeing of the local tribal culture and artworks. Pyatkar paintings are the highlight of the region. You can also witness local kirtan songs, visit traditional cottages etc.; besides experiencing adventure sports like parasailing, mountain climbing etc.

Must Try Food in Jamshedpur

1. Novelty Multicuisine Restaurant
2. South Indian Hotel The Madrasi
3. Vegetarian Restaurant Anand
4. Vegetarian Food at Sukh Sagar
5. Healthfood at La Gravitea
6. Fine Dining Restaurant Equinox
7. Italian Food at Little Italy
8. South Indian Restaurant Dosa King
9. The Basement Restaurant
10. Biryanis at Junction Restaurant

How To Get Here

By Air

Jamshedpur does not have a civil airport. The nearest airport, however, is the Ranchi Airport.

Nearest Airport: Birsa Munda Airport (IXR) – 107 kms from Jamshedpur 

By Road

There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Jamshedpur.

By Train

Tatanagar is the major railhead in Jamshedpur, which is very well connected to most of the cities in the country.

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