Dibrugarh is the largest city of Assam located 439 km from Guwahati. A major city in the northeastern region of India in line with cities like Guwahati and Bhubaneswar, Dibrugarh is the emerging communication and industrial hub of North East India. Dibrugarh has an airport that is well-connected with major Indian cities.

Deriving its name from the word “Dibrumukha”, the name of the river ‘Dibru’ with the word ‘mukh’ meaning mouth, Dibrugarh, is a city and is the headquarters of the Dibrugarh district in the state of Assam in India. Dibrugarh is also one of the two main cities in the state of Assam to receive urban development aid from the Asian Development Bank and is the nerve centre of industry, communication and healthcare of the upper Assam region. The city of Dibrugarh is emerging as a popular destination for business and leisure trips for tourists from India and abroad. This city is loaded with nature and culture and is the destination to unwind yourself. 

Buridihing, a tributary of Brahmaputra, divides the Dibrugarh district from east-to-west. Buridihing flows through Naharkatia and Khowang, and at a later stage in its course, Buridihing acts as a divider between Dibrugarh and Sivasagar districts. This beautiful city is the gateway to the three tea-producing districts of Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, and Sivasagar. These three areas account for approximately 50% of India’s Assam tea crop, and this gives Dibrugarh the rightly earned sobriquet as the “Tea City of India”. Oil and timber are the other two big industries in and around Dibrugarh. Bogbeel Bridge – The longest train cum road bridge is located here.

Places to Visit


A lifetime expedition into the country’s north-east on one of the world’s longest river Brahmaputra. Rafting in the remote area is a breathtaking experience. 

Visit this offbeat destination Tuting where the real adventure begins upon the waves of one of the world’s great rivers, Brahmaputra. The main journey starts from the upper Brahmaputra (Siang) river in Tuting. The rafting ride covers about 180 kms of the river from Tuting to Pasighat, gurgling and negotiating the turbulence, fleeting through secluded remote gorges and unfathomable thick tropical rain forests. With nature at its best form, the ride apart from being frolicking fun is also an unforgettable experience.

Dinjoy Satra

The tourist spot of Dinjoy Satra is situated around 5 km towards the north of Chabua Township. It was a Satra found by Aniruddha Dev at Bisnubalikakunshi village towards North Lakhimpur that was later shifted to Khutiaputa.

In due course of time and after many disturbances, the Satra was named as Dinjoy Satra when it was brought to Dinjan at Chabua. Since then, it has been kept at the present site and is popularly called as Dinjoy Satra.

Shopping In Dibrugarh

Chamba shopping scene is popular for handicrafts, the really-in-demand chappals and pickles. Here’s where you can find them!

Dehing Namti Satra

This tourist destination is located on the banks of Disang River in Sasoni Mouza and is around 8 miles from Naharkatiya town. Currently, the main branch of the Satra is located at Namti in Nazira.

Earlier, this satra was located between Sariyahtoli and Hologuri roads in the Dibrugarh District. Dehing Namti Satra was found by Binandashyam Gohain who had a follower named Lachit Borphukan. 

Raidongia Dol

Among all the monuments in Dibrugarh, the Raidongia Dol is one of the most famous one, located in Larua Mouza in Kalakhowa region, near Dihingia Barbarua road, the Raidongia Doll is of a height of about 45 ft, and is a magnificent structure.

Barbarua Maidam

The maidam (ancient burial mound of royalty and aristocracy) consists of two ancient graveyards, said to be devoted to high ranked officials. There are two others in the area, devoted to dead soldiers.

Bahikhowa Maidam

During the rule of Rajeswar Singha, Bahikhowa Dasarath Dowerah Borphukan was the Chief of the Army Staff of Ahoms or the Borphukan. This maidam is dedicated to him and is located in the Khowang Tea Estate, but is presently in ruins.

There are 3 more small maidams located very close to the Bahikhowa Maidam.

Lekai Chetia Maidam

The Lekai Chetia Maidam is located near the Mankota road at Sessa and is presently known as Thaan, which means a religious institution. This big maidam has a site towards its north, which is known as Lekai.

It is dedicated to Lekai Chetia, which is the name of an officer of the Ahom kingdom under Swragodeo Pratapsingha.

Sarumechlow & Bormechow Maidam

These two maidams are the graveyards of the two queens of King Sukhampha Khura, belonging to the Ahom regime – Bormechow and Sarumechlow. These are the graves of the royalty in that region.

These are situated in the locality of Lengeri mouza in the Dibrugarh City.

Tea Gardens

Assam is popular for its resplendent tea gardens spanning over acres and acres of land. When in Dibrugarh, you should definitely take a tour of one. Boasting of scintillating greenery, you can watch the tea pickers at work, and gain an insight into the tea making process. You can also taste premium quality tea here and take back some with you.

Must Try Food in Dibrugarh

1. Food Infinity

2. Letz Go

3. Oink Infinity

4. Azad’s

5. Taj Ethnic Kitchen

6. Tripti Fast Food

7. Studio 69

8. Chakhum

9. Juti Hotel Cum Restaurant

10. The Fat Belly Cafe & Restaurant

How To Get Here

Dibrugarh is well connected to major cities of India via airways and railways. There are regular buses connecting cities in the North East to Dibrugarh. Dibrugarh is approximately at a distance of 443.2 kms from Guwahati.

By Air

The Dibrugarh Airport is the main airport in the city.The nearest international airport, Guwahati is well connected to all major cities of India. Pawan Hans provides helicopter services from other North Eastern cities to Dibrugarh.  

By Road

There are daily bus services are available from Guwahati, Jorhat, Tezpur Lakhimpur, Digbo, Kohima etc. to Dibrugarh. Also, there are taxi services available.

By Train

Dibrugarh has two railway stations – the historic Dibrugarh Town station (DBRT), which is the first railway station in the entire North – East India and the newly built Dibrugarh station (DBRG). Dibrugarh is well connected to various parts of the country. Dibrugarh is the only non- capital city in India to have the Rajdhani Express originating from and terminating in it. Travelling to Dibrugarh via train offers a beautiful view of the hilly surroundings and is a rejuvenating experience. 

Train from Guwahati to Dibrugarh takes around 11 hours. There are several trains commuting from Guwahati to Dibrugarh. Ticket estimate is roughly 900 INR. Few popular trains are Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Brahmaputra mail etc.

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