Bhilwara – an old city in Rajasthan where people draw pride from their heritage and where Rajput folklores are tied to people’s hearts as tight as their turbans. Bhilwara is the confluence of old tales of mythology, mores, traditions, and culture. Much like yet independent in style from the rest of Rajasthan, Bhilwara is the ideal city for travelers.

Places to Visit

Meja Dam

Meja Dam is not only the biggest dam lying in the city of Bhilwara but also the source of drinking water for the people of the city. The Damis aligned with the facility of a green mount park which further adds to the tourist attraction of the place. During monsoon season, the heavy flow of the dam is witnessed. The spot is found to be peaceful and quiet. This place is just about 20 km away from Bhilwara railway station and one can spend quality time here in the lap of Mother Nature.

Pur Udan Chatri

‘Chatri’ in Hindi literally translates into umbrella. So, Pur Udan Chatri is called so because it is shaped in the form of an umbrella. Here, a rock structure towers the magnificent and heritage umbrella-shaped spot. The height of the tower is such that it surpasses the natural beauty of the surroundings. This is one of the most frequented historical destinations in Bhilwara.

Badnore Fort

Rajasthan is the living manifestation of traditional Rajput architecture. And can you think of anything but old rustic forts when you imagine architectural leverage?

Neither can we. Badnore Fort in Bhilwara is located on top of the hill standing seven stories tall, and one can only imagine a glimpse of the splendid panoramic view of the city that can be caught from this fort. People who possess an inclination towards history and architectural culture should definitely visit this magnificent beauty!

Tips for travellers

  • Take a stroll around the Fort complex
  • Explore the different kinds of styles and designs used in the Rajputana architecture
  • Sit by the lake and enjoy the sweeping view of the nearby villages

Entry fee: Free

Best time to visit: June to October – Feb to March

Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM all days

Bagore Sahib

Gurudwaras across the country and even the world as not just holy symbols of the Sikh community but they are shrines of peace and belonging. Bagore Sahib Gurudawara in Bhilwara is no exception. It is located on River Kothari. Legend has it that Shri Guru Govind Singhji stayed in this gurudwara on his way to Punjab ( India).. It is situated about twenty kilometers from the town of Mandal. One can just drown in the serene ambience finding peace and tranquillity.

Tips to travellers

  • Keep in mind to strictly follow the rules of the Gurudwara. It is a religious symbol thus demanding utmost respect
  • One can sit in Langar (food services done at the Gurudwara) to experience the love and of course the tasty food at the Gurdwara
  • Volunteering at the Gurudwara for different kinds of services can be a great idea too

Entry fee: Free

Best time to visit: Any time of the year

Menal Waterfall

This place is noted for being cited with the beautifully cascading waterfall where the water is found to fall at a depth of 150 meters. One can create a beautiful sight of the water flowing and forming a great ‘V’ shaped valley. This is one of the best waterfalls that one can go to when in Bhilwara. The place looks all the more beautiful because of the presence of dense jungle.

Tips to Travellers

  • Menal town is known as mini Khajuraho hence, you can visit a lot of temples there
  • Visit the other waterfalls nearby

Entry fee: Free

Best time to visit: June to October


Triveni Chauraha, located in the city of Bhilwara is cited as the major meeting point of the Meenali River with other rivers namely Badachh and the Benas rivers. During monsoon, it is found that the temple of Lord Shiva remains submerged. This is also one of the most scenic spots in Bhilwara , one that must be visited when in Bhilwara.

Tips to Travellers

  • Visit this place during monsoon as the rivers would be swelled and give you an interesting sight
  • Take a dip in the river water when the water levels are lower

Entry fee: Free

Best time to visit: June to October


Jahazpur is an incredible historical site and it is the fort built by Rana Kumbha to protect the frontiers of Mewar. The fort encompasses a rich culture reminiscing spirituality. The Jahazpur Fort, Baraha Deva Mandir, Satya Narayan Mandir, and Chawandiya Temple are some of the other places that you can visit when you are here.

Tips to Travellers

  • Indulge yourself in knowing the copious history of the place
  • Going around the temples can be quite an experience

Entry fee: Free

Best time to visit: June to October


Located 54 km South-East of Bhilwara, Mandalgarh is a town of great historical significance – we say this because it is believed that the town was an important battleground for first, Muslim then later, Mughal emperors.

The majestic fortress of Mandalgarh is an exquisite place and it is also an architectural marvel. Govta Mata Temple is another beautiful place to visit when you are in Mandalgarh. You must not forget visiting the Karera Fort, Ramdwara, and Badnore Fort.

Tips to Travellers

  • Click as many photographs as you can enrapturing the beauty of the place
  • One can also sit and enjoy the lovely ambiance of the entire fort

Entry fee: Free

Best time to visit: June to October and Jan to March


Bijolia is often acknowledged for its rich art and architecture along with ancient ruins of temples. Located South -east of Bhilwara, Bijolia is an archeologist’s paradise. foIn the census town of Bhilwara, one can find the age-old Bijolia fort and Mandakini temple. It is interesting to take note of the T historical and archeological findings of the city.

Tips to Travellers

  • Spend time looking at the lovely exteriors of the temple walls
  • The carvings on the walls and the altar are highly commendable

Entry fee: Free

Best time to visit: June to October and Jan to March

Kyara Ke Balaji

The word ‘Balaji’ is another name for the Hindu god, Hanuman. Kyara Ke Balaji In Bhilwara, is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and one can see hundreds of people coming in every day to seek blessings at the temple. So, if you are someone who has faith in Lord Hanuman then visiting Kyare Ke Balaji will definitely bring you peace.

Tips to Travellers

  • Take time to spot the Ghata Rani and Patola Mahadev images on the rock

Entry fee: Free

Best time to visit: June to October and Jan to March

Must Try Food in Bhilwara

1. Kishmish

2. Saffron Restaurant

3. La Eden Restaurant

4. Blend Bistro

5. The Spice Garden

6. Mirchi Restaurant

7. Filmi Tadkaa

8. The Ora Cafe

9. Sip & Gossip Cafe

10. Fumes & Flames

How To Get Here

By Air

Bhilwara is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Udaipur at a distance of 106kms.

Airports: Maharana Pratap Airport

By Road

Situated on NH23 & NH33 Ranchi is directly connected to nearby cities like Patna, Jamshedpur and Kolkata via regular bus services.

By Train

 You can easily get regular trains to Bhilwara from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Bhilwara

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