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At 1600 meters, Reiek Tlang is one of the highest hills of Mizoram. A place to find peace and serenity, Reiek Tlang calls out to the lovers of nature, adventure and romance. Located at a distance of 29 km away from the city of Aizawl, Reiek Tlang provides its visitors with an opportunity for trekking with the backdrop of sceneries borrowed from the Mizo Hills. As is the case with most North Eastern destination of India, Reiek is also relatively unexplored and sits pretty as a pearl in the hills. The virgin forest of the Reiek Hills on one side and a steep rocky cliff on the other make it a unique place to be at. While climbing up the hill you get used to constant humming and chirping of the countless birds in the region. The place is also a haven for birdwatchers. 

Vantawng Falls

The highest waterfall in the state and the 13th highest in the country, the Vantawng Waterfalls is one of he most mesmerizing waterfalls of the North East. Vantawng falls are the pride of Mizoram and one of its prime attractions. The waterfall which is located 137 km away from the capital city of Aizawl is a gem in its own right. Tucked in between the verdant valleys with thick greenery around the waterfall seems like a river of white milk from distance. People flock from all directions of the state to have a look at its might and beauty. The waterfall can only be viewed from distance due to thick forest covering around it. It is located in the Vanva River near Thenzawl which is known for its rampaging speed of flow. Vantawng Falls are testament to the amazing natural beauty that is hidden within the North-East.

Durtlang Hills

Providing a panoramic view of the hill station, the Durtlang Hills are famous for the breathtaking views they provide whilst on the rocky trek trail.

Mizoram State Museum

Located right in the centre of the city, this museum displays the rich heritage of Mizoram.Along with the numerous archaeological artifacts, photographs and natural history specimens, an entire gallery here is dedicated to the Mizo tribes.

KV Paradise

This is a 3 storied mausoleum built in the memory of Varte who died in a 2001 motor accident. This beautiful structure showcases an odd collection of her wardrobe and shoe collections. The marble fountain patio offers wonderful panoramic views of the valley. It is built by her husband Khawlhring who has since spent his entire savings and energy in this.

Solomon Temple

Located in Kidron Valley, this is a grand temple for the locales here in Aizawl.


One of the most beautiful destinations in Mizoram, Hmuifang or Hmuifang Tlang is an amazing hill station with a lot to offer to the discerning traveller. Located a distance of 50 km from the capital city of Aizawl, Hmuifang is hill town at the heart of the state of Mizoram. The hill station is known for its adventure and wildlife-related activities which draws many enthusiasts to its hills. It is a land of virginal green forests and slopes untouched by human civilization. Hmuifang is also famous for holding a festival promoted by the Tourism Development of Mizoram called the Thalfavang Kut, that gives you a peek into the Mizo culture by showcasing various dances such as Cheraw, Sawlakai, Siktuithiang lam and Chheihlam. It is a place full of promises for tourism and related activities and a paradise for adventure lovers. 

Falkawn Village

A model village depicting the lifestyle of the Mizo people, Falkawn village is a unique cultural extravaganza for first time visitors to Mizoram. Falkawn village depicts the livelihoods and cultures of the Mizo people, who form the biggest tribe of the state. Located 22 km away from the capital city of Aizawl Falkawn village is a unique concept and an effort to provide people with an insight into one of the greatest tribal cultures of our land.If in Aizawl, Falkawn village should be one of the destinations one must visit to learn and absorb more about this wonderful state in one of the remotest corners of the country.

Salvation Army Temple

This place has wonderful bell chimes and these can be heard throughout the city on quiet mornings.

Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Tiger Reserve, a splendid Wildlife Sanctuary, is located amidst the deep and dense forests of Mizoram in India. The forests are located about 125 kilometres from Aizawl and are rich with a variety of flora and fauna that draw tourists and nature lovers to the North-eastern state of India from all parts of the world. The name Dampa was derived from the lonely bachelors (Dam Pa meaning Lonely Men) left in the region after the passing of a majority of the female population.The Dampa wildlife sanctuary covers a sprawling area of over 500 square kilometres on the western side of Mizoram and touches the international boundaries of Bangladesh.Flora and fauna have been reserved as a part of Project Tiger that has been funded by the Government of India. The sanctuary was given the status of a tiger reserve in the year 1994, and today the reserve is home to many animals like Tigers, Leopards, Indian Python, Sloth Bears, The Barking Deer and a variety of birds. The hills around the wildlife sanctuary are known to be the bio-geographic highway that connects India to certain regions of Malayan and China.

Must Try Food in Aizawl

  1. Bai
  2. Vawksa Rep
  3. Koat Pitha
  4. Sanpiau
  5. Misa Mach Poora
  6. Paanch Phoron Torkari
  7. Mizo Vawksa
  8. Chhum Han
  9. Bamboo Shoot Fry
  10. Thukpa

How To Get There

By Air

Aizawl has its own airport. Regular flights are available in between Aizawl and Kolkata. It takes around 2 hours to cover the distance. You can easily find taxis outside the airport to travel to any part of the city.

By Road

Aizawl can be easily accessed via road. It is connected to all major cities via road. Generally, to arrive at Aizawl, you have to take NH44.

By Train

Aizawl does not have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is in Lumding. From there, you can get a bus or hire a taxi till Aizawl.

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