Known to be the largest and fastest growing city of Nagaland, most travellers come to this city in transit because of the airport situated in the city. Some of the few attractions here are: Triple Falls, Kachari Ruins, the Nagaland science center and the zoological park.

The boundary of the eastern part is covered by Dhansiri River, while the western part of the district consists mostly of forests and hills. One day is sufficient to explore this place, and fly away to the next lap of your tip.

Places to Visit

The Triple Falls

Located in Seithekima village and as the name says, these three glistening water streams trickling down from a height of 280 ft to a natural pool looks stunning.

The area is maintained by the tourist department of Nagaland. Apart from throbbing hearts of the tourists with its miraculous panorama, the triple falls also serves as an exquisite spot for trekkers.

Kachari Ruins

Kachari Ruins is famous for its monoliths. This is believed that the scattered stones and bricks are the remains of temples and embankments.

Shopping In Dimapur

Dimapur is located in Nagaland, and if you are a shopping buff, this is the ideal place for you! With its wide variety of merchandise ranging from stylish clothes to latest accessories, it is every bubbling fashionista’s dream. Dimapur is the most developed region in the area and is the go-to destination in Nagaland.

If there is one thing that is uniquely famous about Dimapur, it is the shopping experience that it provides. Ranging from roadside markets to high-end showrooms, you name it, and Dimapur has it. Being the center of all activity, this place is always bubbling with people and activity. 

Dimapur is full of vibrant energy and is a refreshing encounter with the local culture and tastes. You can also have a go at the local cuisine of Nagaland here, which is very well represented by the numerous eateries. Visit this place for a truly unadulterated experience.

Zoological park

The scenic park is situated at a distance of 6km from the city centre. The main motive to establish this park was to spread awareness about the protection of the flora and fauna. Also, but obvious, to protect them. 

Nagaland Science Centre

This is a different approach to introduce the miracles of science to society. Nagaland science center is located behind Naga shopping arcade and is promoting creative learning through triumphant approaches.

There are three galleries; our sense, fun science and children’s corner. Besides, Tara mandal, an inflatable dome lets one peek deeper into the sky at night and The science park which has some specially designed exhibits increase the learning tendencies.

Rangapahar Reserve Forest

Is one of the famous places of Dimapur known for its wild-life. Famous for its plant variety relevant to medicines. There is a variety of unique birds in this reserve and attracts many bird watchers to visit the place.


Situated on the foothills of Naga Hills, is an ancient village located in the District headquarters of Dimapur, called Chumukedima. The village is famous for waterfalls.

Shiva Temple

Located in the region of Singrijan and certainly believed that it was built by villagers in 1961. Once, one of the villagers went to the Rangapahar Reserve Forest and found a stone which he sharpened later with his knife.

He realized that some liquid was released from the stone. Later in his dreams, it was seen that the stone found is Lord Shiva. Sooner then, the villagers started worshipping the stone as Shiva linga.

Diezephe Village

The village is well known for its aesthetic handlooms and handicrafts and organizes various workshops. The craft and development society inaugurated a workshop which houses tools that could be used by the craftsmen at the rate of Rs 150 per day.

Besides there are beautiful artefacts made from wooden carving, bamboo and cane.

Must Try Food in Dimapur

1. The King Chilli

2. The Indian Restaurant

3. Naga Ambrosian Fiesta

4. The Black Sheep

5. Herbs & Spices

6. Ili – ah

7. Hetika Bakery & Cafe

8. Yonc Restaurant

9. Ethnic Table

10. Sky Y2 View

How To Get Here

Dimapur can be reached via rail, road and air, thus making it easily accessible.

By Air

The only airport in Nagaland is based in Dimapur and most of the major cities of East India including Kolkata, Guwahati and Imphal are connected to Dimapur by air. Connecting flights from other cities are also available. 

By Road

Dimapur roadways is well connected to the North Indian states. There are regular bus services and easy cabs/taxis to commute to other cities. The city falls near National highway 39 which connects Imphal, Kohima and is near the Myanmar border as well.

By Train

The railway station in Dimapur is a major one and is well connected to Guwahati, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore.

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