Why should you rent an EV?

Are you thinking about renting a chauffeur driven car for your next trip, but don’t know whether it’s worth the cost?

Well, we’ve got some good news: electric vehicles can be just as safe and convenient.

BYD, the Warren Buffet backed Shenzhen based automaker, has handed over the keys to the first batch of 30 BYD e6 electric MPVs to customers in India. The commercial use only electric vehicle is unique in the country and is an alternative to the mighty Toyota Innova Crysta. Luckily, Sudarshan Cars is one of the first commercial users of this car in Mumbai.

Renting an electric vehicle is a great way to get around town without having to worry about gas or oil prices or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere because you ran out of gas. And they’re even more eco-friendly than a regular car because they don’t require any oil changes or lubrication. They also have lower maintenance costs than traditional cars, which means you’ll save money over time on repairs and maintenance.

It features good amount of tech and comfort to make it a worthy alternative in the premium MPV segment, especially against conventionally powered ICE options.

BYD claims that the e6 has a range of up to 520 km as per the WLTC test cycle on a single full charge. The MPV also gets a regenerative braking system. It supports DC fast charging, and can be charged from 30 – 80% in 35 minutes, with a full charge taking 90 minutes.

That means that you could go from Mumbai to Nashik and back in a single charge!

Isn’t that amazing?

What do you think of electric cars? Is this just a fad or the future?