Journey of Our Founder – Mr Raghunandan Kedia

I never realised how the dread of staying hungry can dominate and change one’s outlook on life. Being from a well off family, this was never a struggle in my early days.

It was not until I married young (at the age of 20), did I realise the value of earning that bread in the real sense, not until I was the sole provider for a family of 2.

Like most kids, I never used to listen to my father and only did what I felt was right, although I strayed clear of any addictions or bad habits. I always was a workaholic, having the dedication and passion to work hard, and now had a strong motivation to earn money and make a living.

I started off small, by taking a loan from an individual, to buy an Ambassador (my first car). I rented the car out to rental services or simply to those who needed it.  And thus, began my business. Initially, the business was tough with me barely making enough for a basic meal.

I managed to run it from home with the support of my wife. Many times when I wasn’t home or available, she would take the lead and manage the business. 

She has always been by my side, supporting me all along. She has been very understanding and not at all demanding, (showcasing her love through patience and believing in me) happy with living a basic life without favorite jewelry or eating out in restaurants. She understood the situation and would make do with what I could provide on the table. 

We also decided to expand the family, only once we were financially able to sustain ourselves, the idea originating from my wife itself. She has been my motivation, voice of reason and words would always fall short on expressing what she is to me. She is a major part of where I am today.

Gradually over time, with her constant support, I started expanding and buying and renting out more cars and here we are today. I can now provide my wife with the comfortable life she deserves, as well as have a happy family with grandchildren.

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