Nishtha Ank is the first step towards building long last business relationships for Sudarshan Cars.

Raghunandan Kedia, Founder, Sudarshan Cars
Sudarshan Cars x Hashtag Loyalty

We want our customers to benefit from more than just our comfortable travel. 

It’s rewarding when you get more than what you asked for, and this is what we do best at Sudarshan Cars. 

So now, whenever you book a car with us, simply provide your mobile number and we will accumulate points for you. 

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them with us and enjoy lots of benefits. As people say, it pays to be loyal and we are giving you an opportunity to do so.

Blue Tier – Nishtha Ank

First Transaction – Enrollment

With your first trip with Sudarshan Cars, starting October 2019, you’ve already enrolled yourself with our loyalty program.

Congratulations! You’re now part of the Blue Tier Club.
If you spend between ₹1 to ₹1,00,000, you’re eligible to get 5% cashback on your forthcoming trips.

Silver Tier – Nishtha Ank

Moving up the Ladder – Upgrade

You’ve got the hang of how Nishtha Ank works and you’ve surpassed the blue tier stage. Now you’re playing the advance league!

The Silver Tier is presented to you as you’ve spent over ₹1,00,001 and under ₹3,50,000. You’re now eligible to get 7% cashback on your forthcoming trips.

You’re Gold Standard – Ultimate Loyalty

It is synonymous to you, that Car Rental in India means Sudarshan Cars.
You have shown us the loyalty and now it’s our turn to repay it back with excellent service and a huge portion as a cashback!

The Gold Tier is the ultimate level! Congratulations to you as you’ve spent over ₹3,50,001 on your car rentals.

You’re now eligible for a whopping 10% cashback on your forthcoming trips.

Take advantage of the offers by Sudarshan Cars,
Book Your First Trip and Be a Part of Nishtha Ank.

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